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Holiday Cards

dumbEcards.com is currently growing its holiday card offerings while still providing you with the most irreverent, irrelevant cards you know and love. Look for spikes in holiday cards in the days and weeks prior to a holiday happening.

Play It Cool, Homeslice

Mon, Jan 27, 2014 - 09:00 AM
Play It Cool, Homeslice - GPS,cell phones,hitchhikershort jokes, funny quotes, greeting ecards, stupid ecards, send a card,
Hey, Steve, I gotta ask you something: do you think a dead hitchhiker’s phone could be, like, tracked through GPS or whatever? I saw something like that in a movie, I think, but I need to know as soon as you can find out anything. It’s for a friend who ... likes movies.
Bad LuckDeathMen
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Just thirty two years old, Davenport possesses the unhealthy skepticism of a man approaching his fifties. "I don't like a lot of things, and I don't care much for the rest," he was once heard to say. He enjoys the finer things in life, however. "That new Taco Bell Cantina menu is muy superfliosocitos."

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